Winter cold feet

Looking after your feet in the Summer and the Winter months

As we are nearing the end of the summer, the last thing we are thinking about is the winter, it’s nice to hold onto the summer days for as long as we can.

I think of myself as someone who thinks ahead and I try to get organised ahead of time, not worry about something as its happening.

So I thought I would give you all an insight into keeping your toes silky soft in the winter, less maintenance as what we have in the summer, but still important.

As a beauty therapist, I tend to see an influx of pedicures in March-June where you ladies have put socks on all winter and forgotten your feet.

Our poor tootsies get a bit neglected in winter boots but they don’t have to. It doesn’t have to take long, you don’t have to do anything daily, once or twice a week can be all that is needed.

Here are my five top tips for keeping your feet looking their best:

1 – keep feet moisturised
Keeping soft skin on your feet is the easiest thing to do in the winter. We are generally in thick, fluffy socks, warm winter booties or cosy slippers, therefore feet aren’t as exposed to drying air.

Apply a thick foot/body moisturiser before you go to bed and put on thick socks and after only a few times of doing this you’ll notice a massive difference to the skin on your feet. Most moisturisers have a gorgeous scent to them (stick to natural scents and avoid harmful artificial perfumes) keeping feet smelling lush also.

If you aren’t a fan of socks in bed, moisturise before you put your socks on for the day, it’s that simple.

2- keep hard skin at bay
Keep a pumice stone or a foot file in the bathroom and give hard skin on the heels, edges of the feet and toes a quick scrub once a week.

I also recommend a salt scrub to the feet once or twice a month, getting rid of dead skin and helping the moisturiser to do its job. All in all it should take no more than 5 minutes so even busy bees can squeeze in time.

3- keep nails clear of polish for at least one month
I don’t think that there is any scientific evidence to show that removing polish will help the nails.

The nail is a dead tissue, however the skin around and underneath is alive and kicking, the nails are there to protect the skin underneath it. This allows a healthy supply of blood and nerves to the ends of the hands/feet.

I personally feel that it’s good to let my toe nails have a bit of a polish/gel break once in a while. At times it’s nice to be natural and clean, even if it’s just for one month of the year. I recommend a light nail buff, nail strengthener and a good cuticle oil for the nails when having a nail polish break.

Polish on the toes continuously can cause some slight discolouration to the nails. Red nail colours need a very good base coat, the pigment in the colour will start to seep into the nail giving it that yellow tint which can be hard to remove unfortunately.

Old nail colours can also give this effect, if you haven’t treated yourself in a new set of nail colours in a few years, I give you permission to go and buy some, like we need an excuse anyways!

If you do a home pedicure, make sure you always use a base coat pre colour, this prevents pigment from getting into the nails and staining them.

4- treat yourself to a pedicure
If all of the above seems too much of a chore or you’re thinking ok …ok more beauty things I have to do that only take five minutes a day, that I probably wont do.

Then treat yourself to a regular pedicure. I recommend having one every 6-8 weeks roughly, you may find you need them more or less regularly depending on your lifestyle and budget etc.

I offer a Gel Pedicure Upgrade which consists of nail file, cuticle work, buff, Luxio Gel application, a scrub, foot file and moisturise. With Gel there is no drying time so when you are finished you can put your socks and shoes straight back on and continue with your day.

Contact me if you would like more information or would like to see the choice of Luxio Gel colours that are on offer.

5- have good shoes and a good bed …..because if you aren’t in one you’re in the other!

Having a good pair of supportive shoes really does make the world of difference to our feet and our wellbeing. Now don’t get me wrong I am partial to a pretty pair of dolly shoes or flat sandals, that look lovely and really make an outfit.

However my knees and feet …….and back, don’t like me afterwards. Therefore on a day to day basis or if I know I’m going to be on my feet a lot, I generally try to wear supportive shoes like trainers or something which have cushioning.