Eyelash extensions = No Mascara or Liquid Eyeliner!

I have never been a huge fan of mascara, even before I discovered eyelash extensions. I wear it sometimes but I find it hard to remove from my lashes. Plus, I find my lashes are straight and point downwards which makes it hard to get that lift and opened eye look.

 So, before I used to wear eyelash extensions, frequently I would use strip lashes, to give me the look I love and it takes two seconds to take off at night time.

However, my morning routine still seems to take me forever!

With eyelash extensions on even if I wash my hair, I’m pretty sure I can be showered, hair done and ready in under 30 minutes! Which is pretty speedy for me.

Wearing extensions gives us a glamourous look with minimal effort.

A big part of the aftercare I ask of my eyelash wearers is to not wear mascara on the lashes or bottom lashes. The aftercare also extends to not wearing liquid eyeliner and only using mineral based eyeliner and eyeshadow.

Unfortunately, any of my clients with mascara or make up in between the extensions and on the eye will mean that I have to remove the extensions and start a fresh. This is for eye hygiene and eye care, as it won’t be able to be washed off thoroughly. Any added extensions wont stick to the oily lashes.

If mascara is applied to volume lashes (2-6D lashes) the fluffiness will be lost, and they will begin to clump together. Again, this cant be undone and will have to be removed with a fresh set.

Eyeliner is very similar to mascara in that its very oily and will get in the bonds of the lashes and is very difficult to remove. So again, if you wear it we can’t infill, we will have to remove and do a fresh set every time.

I recommend using a mineral based eyeliner and eye shadow if you are going to wear any make up around the extensions. This should be removed daily and lashes washed 2-3 times weekly as you would do anyway. Mineral based eyeliner won’t travel up the lashes or stick in between the bonds as other make up will. Make up designed specifically for extension wearers can be purchased.

As you can see from the photo, mascara makes the lash fans gloopy and close, loosing that beautiful fluffy look.

If you have any further questions about any products to use, lash cleansers, make up cleansers suitable for extensions or anything else, please do not hesitate to contact me.