Flat lashes

Am currently going a bit flat lash crazy at the moment, they haven’t been on the market to use for very long but so far seem to be making an impact!

They sound a bit whacky, flat is never a word you would ordinarily use to describe eyelash extensions.

These lashes are suitable for a classic lash set also known as individual lashes. Flat lashes come in an array of curls, so suitable for any eye and style, exactly the same as normal individual lashes.

The only difference between the regular lashes used for classic/individual lashes and flat lashes is the base. The base which sits closest to the eyelid when applied to the natural lash is flat, not round.

The main reason that they are becoming so popular is due to the weight difference between normal individual lashes and flat lashes.

When I first trained in lashes about 4 years ago, I received a kit which had lashes of 0.15, 0.20 and 0.25 in thickness.

Let me explain, 0.15 is quite a light and thin lash, 0.20 is my favourite and is slightly thicker than 0.15 but gives a beautiful look, and 0.25 is a heavy lash giving a very thick strip lash look.  

When I first trained I’m guessing that it wasn’t known that lashes of a 0.25 thickness were wayyyyy too heavy for the natural lash, even someone with thick lashes and in good condition.

However, I’m always looking into how to make lashes even better for my clients, so I stopped using them and have always used 0.20. I much prefer the look and feel of a lash set with 0.20 in thickness, however this is even now considered much too heavy for the natural lash and can cause some damage if worn over a long period of time.

As soon as I discovered this I made the switch to flat lashes straight away! 

I’ve never been a fan of using 0.15 in thickness as they look far too thin on the natural lashes, almost like you’ve just got mascara on. Some people might like them, that’s just my personal opinion. Lashes of 0.15 thickness are the best lashes to use to not damage the natural lashes, this is where the flat lashes come in perfectly!

A flat lash of 0.20 in thickness has the same weight of a 0.15 regular lash, so I can produce a set of lashes which gives a thick dense look but no damage will be done to my clients lashes. I have had clients returning for regular infills after a year of wearing flat lashes and there is no damage done whatsoever. 

When lashes are initially applied to the natural lash, the way I like to think of them is like a person holding a bucket of water placed beside the body, the arm is down, relaxed and strong.

When the lash starts to grow out, it’s like the bucket of water is moving further away from the body, if the bucket of water is light its fine and you could hold it with ease, if its heavy your arm would get tired very quickly and start to fatigue.

Ok so it’s an odd analogy but it’s the same concept in lashes, lashes too heavy will start to fatigue the lashes causing them to fall out early, or break.

Damage to the lashes could be permanent, please remember this when choosing a lash artist with yours.

From now on these will be the only lashes that I will be using when I do a classic/individual set of lashes, they are applied with adhesive same as before and are applied 1:1, natural lash: eyelash extension.

These are suitable for long term wear with regular infills, every 2- 3 weeks. They still require a patch test as all eyelash extensions do.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask me.