How to catch those Z’s with lashes

A big part of the aftercare advice I give to all of my lovely lash wearers is be careful how you sleep. I may ask you this upon patch test and consultation.

The reason I ask is simple, with lashes you can not face plant the pillow or lay on the extensions. If you are someone who sleeps facing down unfortunately wearing eyelash extensions may not be for you. There are however a few things you can try before dismissing wearing extensions.

Its very important to keep those lashes looking thick, full and beautiful to remain facing up or sideways (with none of your eyes touching the pillow) at night time. This means that there is no contact with anything heavy on the eyes putting pressure on the bond between extension and natural lash.

But can’t you just use more glue on my lashes to prevent this….????

The amount of glue used in the treatment is the amount used for your safety, any more could cause a chemical burn or reaction to the eye, so unfortunately we can not use more glue.

As well as putting pressure on the bonds if you faceplant the pillow you also run the risk of pulling your own lashes out prematurely, if the extensions are rubbed or pulled they may come out leaving your natural lash behind, but they might take your own lash with it.

This will give your own natural lashes a lot of damage, this we aim to steer clear of pretty please.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom, you have a few options:

1-      Aim to get used to a new sleeping position in the run up to having your lashes applied so that when they are on you are comfortable sleeping on your back

2-      Have them for a one off event and have them removed shortly after, then you have the glam look for your event but you won’t damage your lashes at all.

3      Try an eye shield, ok I know I sound crazy here! But seriously, you can buy eye shields suitable for eyelashes extensions, personally I’ve never tried them as I’ve never needed to, from what I’ve seen the shields look like they are made from fabric so may still not do the job sufficiently but worth a try.