Spring and Autumn Lash Shed

So you’re probably looking at this blog going ….whaaaatttt!!! Has this lady gone mad. I’m afraid not, there is such a thing.

It won’t necessarily effect each and every person but it’s always worth knowing a little bit about it if you have regular eyelash treatments.

Just like our pets have a change in hair growth during these times, we often can too. It’s our bodies way of reacting to the change in season, this is its way of protecting us against the elements or helping us to survive it better.

To understand the reason behind the shed first of all you must understand the hair growth, don’t worry I won’t bore you for too long.

There are three stages of hair growth, from start to finish this usually takes 9-12 weeks, each hair will be in a different stage at a different time, hence why we are constantly losing hairs/lashes but our hair won’t get any thinner or thicker.

This is also the reason that we need regular top ups of eyelash extensions.

The complete cycle of the eyelash extension is around 90-100 days or roughly 12 weeks.

Anagen Stage

This is the growth phase of the hair life cycle, it will start to take shape in the hair follicle and start to come out to form a small hair.

With eyelashes we can’t put an extension on in the anagen stages as it’s too small and fine and will damage the lash.

This stage lasts about 30-45 days, around 40% of our upper lashes will be in this stage at any one time.

Catagen Stage

This is a transition phase of the eyelash, its finished its growing in the anagen phase and is the length that it will reach.

This is ideal for an extension to be applied. This stage lasts about 2-3 weeks, hence why I recommend infills every 2-3 weeks.

Telogen Stage

This is a resting phase,  it is the phase before the eyelash falls out and another one blooms in its place.

Quite often when extensions are applied, they are in this stage.

You can lose between 2-5 a day depending on your cycle.

Loosing lashes is perfectly normal and very healthy.

During the winter months your hair holds onto the later stages of the cycle for longer to protect us from the cold elements, then you get a shed in the spring when this is no longer needed.

During the summer months the hair holds onto the later stage again ready for the sun and to protect the body from the hot elements and from the body being burnt.

The body uses its hormones to do this.