Before and After your Waxing appointment

Waxing can seem like a daunting appointment to arrive to, you may have had a bad experience previously or attempted a home wax which may have gone wrong.

Rest assured, here are some tips for before having your waxing done and how to make the most of the appointment when you go home.

These tips come recommended by Waxu and some added tips that I have learnt help my existing clients.

Before your appointment:

  • Avoid caffeine as it will make your skin much more sensitive than usual.
  • Exfoliate leading up to your appointment, not the day of your appointment as you might make your skin quite sensitive prior the wax.
  • Do not apply tanning creams before your wax as it will be removed when the wax is pulled off of the skin.
  • Avoid sunbeds/ sunbathing 24-48 hours before your appointment, burnt or damaged skin can’t be waxed.
  • Wax at least 2 days before a holiday in the sun.
  • Do not wax until you have been off of roaccutane for 6-12 months.
  • If you are having any facial waxing avoid anything with retinol or aha’s in it (mainly in anti ageing creams) for around 3-5 days before the treatment.
  • Grow your hair for 4-6 weeks before the appointment, hair should be about 0.5-1cm long before it can be removed.
  • Waxing will last between 4-6 weeks before it will need to be done again, if you have shaved or epilated the hair regularly you will find that the hair cycle may be different after each wax for a few sessions.
  • If you find after some waxes it feels that fine hairs are coming back through after only a few days this is very normal due to the hair cycles. Following aftercare through will help to combat this.

After Care:

  • Tanning products can be applied 24-48 hours after the wax as long as the skin has settled.
  • Fine hairs coming through straight after the appointment is normal and is due to hair growth and cycles.
  • Keep an aloe vera/tea tree or sensitive soothing moisturiser at home for the days following the wax.
  • Apply daily to keep skin calm and redness will go quicker, keeping the moisturiser in the fridge will give it a cool feel when you apply the moisturiser.
  • Avoid hot showers, steam rooms, hot baths, swimming or heavy exercise 24 hours after the wax, the area is already irritated and this could irritate it further.
  • Avoid sunbeds and sunbathing 12 hours after your wax.
  • Avoid perfumed products, make up and deodorants for 24 hours after the wax, this could cause a burning sensation and could cause your skin to become sore and inflamed.
  • Exfoliate 2-3 times a week to avoid ingrowing hairs, although wait at least 48 hours after your wax to start this routine.
  • Avoid touching the waxed area or wearing tight fitted clothing.
  • You can expect the area to look very red, have blood spots or even have a plucked chicken skin affect, these are all due to a histamine reaction and the skin beginning the healing process proper moisturising and keeping up aftercare will keep this at bay.
  • Return 4-6 weeks for your next wax appointment.

Any questions or queries regarding your appointment, please do not hesitate to ask.