Nail treatment aftercare

To keep your Hard Gel Extensions or Gel Colour Nails looking their best long after your appointment I recommend a few tips:

– Do not pick or pull at your gel nails. If they are starting to lift or chip book in for a repair or removal as soon as you can. Picking or removing the nails yourself will damage the nails underneath by pulling at the layers of the nail surface.

-Don’t bite the nails, this will cause weakening of the nails and the products on them causing early damage to them and damage to the natural nail bed underneath.

– Do not remove the gels yourself unless you know how to and have been trained to do so.

– Apply cuticle oil daily, this will keep your nails underneath nourished, hand moisturiser alone won’t do this. Cuticle oil dramatically reduces the risks of the products on your nail being damaged. Keeping the oil by your bed will remind you to do this. Applying at night time will give the oil a greater chance of soaking into the nail bed as you wont be washing your hands like you do during the day.

– Do not use your nails to open items like cans/tins as this will weaken the nails causing early breakage and lifting.

-If we have added length to your nails make sure they are suited to your lifestyle, e.g. long nails and having small children in nappies is usually very impractical.

Any pressure applied to the free edge of the nail will put pressure on the nail bed causing bending and early lifting.

– Always wear gloves when using chemicals around the house or at work, if you don’t the nails will become weak and damage the gels.

– Gloves must also be used when washing up or when you have your hands in water. Nails are very porous and when in water they soak up the water and then dry out. This action causes expanding and contracting, making the nails dry and brittle. Any product on top of the nail will lift, no matter how well applied or how good the nail technician is.

Lifting of the edges of the nails will allow bacteria to get in and grow, increasing the risks of nail infections.

– Wipe nails after using tanning products to stop discolouration.

– Make sure your nails are suited to your lifestyle.

– Remember your nails are jewels not your tools, treat them well and they will last much longer, mistreat them and you will find damage being caused to the natural nail and the gel nails.

– Let me know if you are going on holiday or use sun beds regularly, UV exposure can cause discolouration, so we can do 2 top coats instead of 1 to help prevent this.

– Schedule in your regular infills every 2-3 weeks, with proper aftercare and if your nails don’t grow too quickly you should be able to book in infills every 3-4 weeks.