Eyelash extensions Aftercare

Now that you have your beautiful lashes you’ll want to try and look after them as best you can.

Not only because you want them to stay looking their best for as long as possible but also to keep away infections, keep them clean and to maintain your eyes health.

Remember just like nails, lashes grow and need regular maintenance, known as infills. This is to be done within 2-3 weeks of your full set or last infill.

Lashes shed like all hair does, you’ll naturally lose between 2-5 a day, which is normal and healthy for your lashes, so you can see that after 2-3 weeks how many you would have naturally lost already.

Any longer than 2-3 weeks or if you have less than 50% of your lashes left on and a full set may be required. I require more than 50% of your lashes to still be attached for your infills to still count it as an ‘infill’ otherwise any less than this and it will be more like a full set.

The way I look at it is if you had a set of nail extensions with only one or two nails still on when you came for your maintenance you would be required to have a full set, the same goes for lashes.

When booking in for your infills I can book you in for an hour or an hour and a half, prices vary for the type of lashes you are having applied. Generally a full set will take me anything from an hour and a half up to 3.

Unfortunately, we cant control our hair growth, it depends on our individual hormones, medication, and genetics. Some of my clients can easily get 3 weeks out of their lashes, whereas some people, will only achieve 1.5-2 weeks before they are due an infill.

For infills, I ask that you:

  • arrive with no eye make up on around your lashes.
  • have cleaned lashes, with your eyelash extension cleanser. Clean lashes =more lashes applied in the appointment.

The maintenance of lashes takes minutes on a daily basis, and once you have worn them for a little while you’ll get used to handling them.


  • Don’t get the lashes wet for 24 hours while the adhesive is still drying. This means avoiding high humidity, steam, hot showers, hot baths and any contact with water.
  • Avoid sun beds for 24 hours.
  • Keep extensions clean (with a specific extension cleanser-NEVER with baby shampoo) to avoid lashes getting oily and grubby from natural oils and dead skin shedding, to keep infections in the lash follicles at a minimal risk and helps lashes to last longer as the bonds keep strong.
  • I recommend cleaning them thoroughly 2-3 times a week.
  • Cleanse the eye area daily with an oil free make up remover – anything oily on the lashes will release the bonds quicker and you will notice them falling out quicker than usual.
  • Keep oil based products away from the lashes.
  • Brush regularly with the dry mascara wand given.
  • Do not pick at or pull the extensions, doing so you are likely to pull out your own lash, if you pull this out mid cycle you may not have another lash grow back in its place.
  • Do not sleep face down. Face planting the pillow at night will rub and pull out the lashes, this will cause damage to your natural lashes.
  • Never attempt a removal of lashes on your own, this will end up being a very sore and eye watering disaster.
  • Never apply mascara or liquid eyeliner to the surrounding eye area or extensions, its impossible to clean off the extensions and will damage them.
  • Arriving with mascara on will mean a removal and a full set. All of which you will be charged for, this is not negotiable I’m afraid as firstly the extensions I try to apply wont stay put, within a few days you’ll notice the lashes start to fall out, if they last that long at all. Secondly, the application of lashes onto dirty lashes is just asking for an eye infection, I don’t want to do this to any of my lovely clients, as much as you wouldn’t like it either.
  • Mineral based eyeliner and eyeshadow is fine to wear with extensions but must be thoroughly removed daily.
  • Do not using curling tools on the extensions as this will break them.

If you have any questions about the maintenance of your lashes please feel free to ask me.