The Eyelash Extensions Industry- why have they made such a bad name for themselves?

I recently read an article on a popular social media site slating eyelash extensions heavily, the article pointed out why most women stopped wearing their extensions.

I just wanted to write a little bit about why I felt that most of the points, in my opinion, were very untrue and why no one should ever feel put off.

I find this industry very difficult as I see a lot of work, claiming to be done by a trained therapist, that looks like they may have only done inhouse training briefly or a one day course!

This work is why eyelash extensions have got such a terrible name for themselves, as the trained therapist is then let loose on clients without much knowledge of lash extensions other than how to apply an extension to a natural lash.

Everyone does have to start somewhere, and hopefully therapists will only learn and grow from their initial training.

I know my initial training only taught me the basic of basics about extensions and 2-3 training courses, several manuals and lots of reading up/ practicing later, do I feel pretty confident in them. I know there is still so much more to learn and every new set or infill, I learn a little bit more.

If you searched for training in the application of individual or Russian volume lashes you will find courses which are only 1 day long, courses which do not require case studies, and even more scary, courses that tell you to patch test adhesive on the clients skin!

So when I hear people saying they stopped wearing their extensions, I get it, I have personally had a few bad experiences with my lashes but its only now, knowing what I know that I understand why they were bad and to help educate others.

1.Eyelash extensions wreck your natural lashes……

Extensions too heavy for the natural lash will put a lot of strain on your natural lashes, causing damage if worn consistently.

A trained and knowledgeable therapist should know this, but personally I don’t even like using regular lashes of 0.20 in thickness due to them being too heavy. Therefore I only use flat lashes, that give the same look and thickness but are much lighter and can be worn for long periods of time with no issues.

Extensions applied without successfully separating each individual natural lash or using too much adhesive will mean that they cant grow and shed properly, will feel itchy on the eye and will make you want to pick your lashes out. The eyes might feel quite stingy and sore when first opened if excessive adhesive is applied.

Extensions applied to close to the eye will cause irritation to the eyelid, redness and will make the client want to pick the lashes off, therefore pulling natural lashes out.

When I apply extensions I will:

  • not apply lashes to heavy for your lashes, we will discuss expectations and reality of what can be achieved with the thickness and curl in the patch test and consultation.
  • not apply lashes without separating each natural lash correctly.
  • not use excessive adhesive.
  • will leave a gap of 0.5-1 mm from the eyelid and the extension when applying the extension to natural lash.

2. Finding a good lash artist is difficult.

This part is true, however we are out there. Have faith.

If you come to The Meaning of Beauty for lashes: ask me lots of questions about me and my experience/qualifications, what you want from your lash experience and what I can offer.

Explain any concerns to me and they can be discussed to give you peace of mind.

3. Eyelash extensions require a ton of maintenance.

Infills every 2-3 weeks and cleaning 2-3 per week. Some clients prefer to have a fresh full set done once a month, depending on budget, how long they can go in between treatments and how much time they have to dedicate to their beauty regime.

The maintenance really is varied and can suit your needs.

4. The application process can be agonising.

The application of the extensions initially takes around 2-3 hours, sometimes a little less if having classic/individual lashes.

In this time I require you to lay still on your back, however I will try to make sure that you are warm, comfortable and that you could have a lash nap. This helps time to go quicker.

I totally understand that the initial process can be hard, especially because I wont talk throughout this time.

I can put on any music you d like, you could get an audio book to listen to and use it as a time to just unwind, switch off. Something most of us don’t get much opportunity to do.

5. Some mascaras do the job just as well.

If god gave you beautiful thick lashes, brilliant! My lashes I think are short, straight stumps. Mascara looks ok, but never as good as extensions do. I get it all over my eyes, in my eyes, its just a mess.

I love having extensions on, always have, always will.

Mascara needs to be scrubbed off every night and then takes time to reapply, who has time for that?

If you don’t extensions might be your best friend.

It makes me sad when I hear bad things about the industry that I have a great deal of passion for. As I know when done correctly they can be amazing, save you a great deal of time in your morning routine and make you feel glamourous always!

Please don’t let a bad experience put you off of having extensions.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.