Don’t take my word for it …….

First and foremost my business is about my clients, without my clients I wouldn’t have a business.


So to each and every one of you who step through the door, I am eternally grateful to!


Here’s what some of my lovely clients say about me ……….


Lisa, Hard gel nails 



I have never been one for worrying about my nails but since I have decided it’s time to think about me and wanting to feel good about myself I booked in with Anna to have Gel nails.
It was lovely being pampered, in a relaxing environment.
I have now had my nails done 4 times and have usually left them longer than I should between appointments but they always looked great.
Without the aftercare advice given by Anna I doubt I would have kept them in such a great condition.
I love the compliments I get about my nail so this is definitely a life changer for me.
Natalie, Hard gel nails 
I have had my nails done by salons but never to the standard that Anna provides.
I would recommend Anna 100% to anyone thinking about getting their nails done.
Before I started having my nails done, I was apprehensive as I’d heard all the tales of damage done to the natural nail from filing and the chemicals being too harsh.
I’ve learnt that the issues are dependent on your beautician so it’s imperative you find an amazing one that knows their work. With Anna looking after me I have no worries!
I used to hate my nails before getting them done because they were so thin and flimsy they used to rip at the nail bed and would bleed and be sore for days and it was a never ending cycle. I had to keep them so short that’s my hands used to look stumps and manly.
My favourite part of my appointments is getting to sit down and have a girly chat from gossip to deep and meaningful conversation without being judged.
Since having my nails done regularly, my fingers don’t hurt because my nails aren’t ripping at the bed. I feel more put-together and feminine with pretty, strong nails and don’t feel self conscious about them.
 Firstly, I don’t want to share Anna with anyone because she’s amazing and I want to be selfish, but I can’t keep her to myself because it would be as crying shame for others in this world to experience how amazing this woman is.
Secondly, I would say that I’ve never felt so comfortable with someone working on my nails seeing as I’m such a perfectionist, because I know she’s just as much a perfectionist me. She does an amazing job, she’s friendly and welcoming, she’s very purse-friendly too!
I would encourage anyone to get their nails done as it is a lovely pampering time and is so relaxing. It gives your natural nail the support it needs to be strong through daily tasks without being too strong that it doesn’t allow movement and therefore snaps.
It doesn’t damage the natural nail underneath and doesn’t look over the top or fake. It also lasts really well and always looks pretty.
Fiona, 6D Lashes and Hard Gel extensions
I previously had my lashes done by another technician who’s work had seriously damaged my natural lashes leaving them both sparse and broken.

So after taking some time out to let them recover I was recommended Anna by a friend who reassured me of the high quality of her work.


Although feeling apprehensive I really wanted to have my lashes done, so I reviewed her pictures online which gave me confidence to contact her.
Anna was so helpful and went above and beyond to put me at ease and gave me a realistic view on what result I could achieve.
I have now been going to Anna for over two years and can honestly say it was the best choice I could have made.
The results I get from her are amazing and I am constantly complimented on my lashes, which makes me feel great.
Due to the quality of her work I now have amazing full natural lashes .
Having my eyelashes done is great as it saves me so much time in the morning when getting ready, and being allergic to mascara it’s a necessity for me. It gives me so much more confidence, and is great on those no make up days as you still feel good.
So if you were thinking about having your lashes done, or had previously had a bad experience I couldn’t recommend Anna’s expertise to you any more highly.
Her services are completely bespoke and tailored to every individual client and she will talk you through everything she is going to do.
Michelle, Hard gel nails
I’ve been to different salons in the past to have my nails done but I have never had so many compliments since visiting Anna!
My nails are also in the best condition they have been while using gel polish and have grown back stronger than they normally do.
Anna is so friendly, I instantly feel at ease and the salon is a beautiful room, warm and inviting.
I recently had henna brows done too and wow!  I couldn’t stop looking at my brows after I’d had them done, the shape was great and the treatment was relaxing.
I’ve often found it hard to trust a therapist and thought many don’t listen to your preferences but I feel that Anna listens and understands, she takes great care over her treatments and makes sure you are 100% happy.
I travel nearly an hour to visit Anna and now wouldn’t go anywhere else.
Aimee, 3D Lashes 
Since having my lashes done with Anna I have not only had the opportunity to gain an amazing friend, but to begin with I received an extremely professional, efficient service from going to my appointments.
I have never been disappointed by the results and could not imagine not having my lashes done by Anna.
I have been back after going else where due to house moves, and Anna being on maternity but I now drive almost 40 minutes to my appointments because the results never disappoint.
I have some self confidence issues but lashes have enhanced my confidence and make me feel much better about my appearance and allows me to have more time in bed in the morning due to not having to apply layers of nasty mascara!

Anna also informs you with excellent after care advice and how to keep your lash hygiene on point and sells cleaning kits at an amazing affordable price!

If I were to recommend anyone it would be Anna not only because she is an amazing, kind & genuine person inside and out but you get such a welcoming feel and results that are so perfect and so affordable!
She does amazing work for a price you’d pay so much more for, to get no where near as amazing lashes else where!
You are made to feel so comfortable and the appointment feels like a relaxing getaway! I couldn’t recommend anyone else!
Bree, Classic Lashes
I’ve been to Anna for lash extensions for over two years and I couldn’t be more pleased or offer a higher recommendation, I absolutely love them.  
My lashes are so natural-looking, so easy to care for, and so many people have commented on how great they look.
If you are thinking of having lash extensions done, you will not be disappointed with the results Anna gives.
My eyes are sensitive and I feel like I’ve spent half my life trying to find a mascara that doesn’t irritate them, extensions have been a great solution.
Anna is a consummate professional — friendly, calm, soothing.
I can tell she really enjoys her work which makes all the difference.
If you’ve been hesitant about giving lash extensions a try, hesitate no more. You’ll be in safe hands with Anna.