Frequently asked questions about eyelash extensions
Why do I need an infill?

You will lose roughly between 2-5 natural lashes a day; therefore, infill prices vary slightly, the longer you leave the infill the more lashes you are likely to have lost. To keep them looking as thick and full as possible it is recommended to have an infill every 2 weeks, however keep in mind your budget and time allowance for this, every 3 weeks might be more suited to you.


What happens at an infill?

Grown out extensions will be removed and fresh lashes applied.


How should I arrive for the infill?

Lashes must be cleaned thoroughly before the infill, this includes any eyeliner or eyeshadow near the lashes. This can be removed with oil free eye make-up remover (around the eyes) and the lashes can be cleaned with a lash cleanser. If lashes are dirty, they will need to be cleaned in the appointment which will mean less time to apply lashes, the charge will still be the same.


Will you infill my lashes if I’ve had them done by someone else?

Generally no, you will still need a patch test before the infill so upon patch test this can be determined. If the lashes you are currently wearing are similar to what can be achieved by me I can infill them, but usually its required to have a removal and a full set.


How do I arrive for a full set application?

Arrive for you appointment with clean eyes, make up free and moisturiser free.


I had lashes done which lasted 8 weeks before, can I expect this again?

Each extension is applied to an individual natural lash, these will drop out naturally roughly 2-5 a day so this means after 7 days you will have roughly lost 21 extensions, 14 days you will have lost 42 extensions and so on. A set lasting 8 weeks is unlikely if they are applied correctly.


How long will the lashes last for if I want them for a one-off event?

If you follow aftercare correctly they should last between 2-4 weeks, after an event which requires heavy eye make up on top of the lashes or if for a holiday they may fall out slightly quicker.


Can I have them done directly before a big event?

Yes, it is recommended to have them 3-4 days before the event not the day directly before.


Can I wear the lashes on holiday?

Yes, however if you are new to lashes, you may be best to have a full set and a further infill before your holiday, just to make sure you are used to the feel of them.


What does a patch test consist of? Do I need to pay a booking fee?

At the patch test a few extensions will be applied to your natural lashes, this gives you exposure to the adhesive to see if you are allergic. Please note that even though a patch test is always carried out you may still be reactive when a full set is applied as you have more exposure to the adhesive or you may become allergic to the adhesive over time. An allergic reaction can be in the form of itchiness, reddening of the area, heat in the area or puffiness.


If you have had a patch test elsewhere you are still required to have a further patch test. This is because they may have used a different adhesive or done the patch test incorrectly.


Upon the patch test a 50% booking fee is required, if you have an allergic reaction this will be given back to you, you will need to return within 24-48 hours to have the extensions applied at the patch test to be removed to prevent further reactions. Not showing for the full set will not be a reason to have the booking fee returned.


Can I wear them if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

Yes, however when pregnant and breastfeeding you are extra hormonal so may become sensitive to the glue. You may also find that the retention is less if your lashes grow out quicker.


Do I need a break every now and then?

With the correct lash length and thickness you do not ever need a break from extensions. This means keeping up correct aftercare at all times also.


How will I know if I’m not suitable for lashes? Who can’t wear them?

If you are allergic to the eyelash glue you will be unable to wear the extensions.

Those who sleep facing downwards and face plant the pillow are advised not to wear lashes as they will rub out the extensions which will possibly ruin your natural lashes by pulling the extensions out in the night without realising.


Do I need to clean the lashes?

Yes, each day the eye area should be cleaned with an oil free make up remover and then 2-3 times per week the lashes must be cleaned with an eyelash shampoo/cleanser. Failing to clean the lashes thoroughly could result in infections and poor retention. Cleaning the lashes not only removes make up but also removes oil build up, this oil build up will weaken the bond between the lash and the glue, therefore cleaning regularly keeps them looking thicker and fuller for longer.


Can I wear make-up around the lashes?

Yes, this must be oil free and removed daily. Eyeliner sometimes contains oils, so please check that it is eyelash friendly before application near the lashes. Oils near the lashes will cause the bonds to weaken and cause poor retention.


Can I wear mascara on the lashes?

No absolutely not, you must never ever apply mascara to the lashes, this will ruin the lashes and removal and a new full set will be required.


Why have I lost more lashes from one eye?

You may have been sleeping on one side more than the other or have experienced a lash shed.


Why do my eyes sting a little when I shower?

The glue reacts slightly to heat, so when in a shower or sauna/steam room the lashes might make your eyes slightly sensitive, do not rub or pick at your eyes, try to leave the extensions alone for at least 2 hours after contact with heat. Thorough cleaning of the extensions should cease this sensitivity.


Will each lash have a lash extension applied?

A lash will have an extension applied if its suitable for one, sometimes smaller ‘baby’ lashes will not have an extension applied as it will cause damage to that lash.


What is a lash shed and when will it occur?

Just like animals we shed our hair also, generally this is in the spring and the autumn, we often have a lash shed around these times. You may find that around spring and autumn your lash retention is poor but this is very common. Every 9-12 weeks everyone will have a lash cycle, this might be more noticeable when you wear extensions, so you might notice that at times your lashes look fuller than at others.


Can I choose the look I want?

Yes, to a certain extent you can only have lashes applied that your natural lashes will be able to hold, lashes will give you a thicker and fuller look but if you are looking for a strip lash look, it’s possible that they might not give you the look you desire.


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